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About Steve Burke

Steve Burke is the owner and Principal Engineer of  J Omega Systems, LLC.
He has been a full time independent design engineer since 1997. During that time
he has performed design work for 6 different companies. Engagements lasted
a  few weeks to over one year. His qualifications are: Back to top


What we can do for you

 Turn-key Product Development

As a member of your design team

Independent Design Reviewer

Business Development and Sales

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Hands on Design Experience

RF & Wireless
Digital Signal Processing
Proposals & Sales
Digital Systems
Software / Embedded Control
Environmental Design
Project Management

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  Design Teams

          J Omega Systems has assembled teams of engineers to provide a full range of
          services for  projects that exceed our own capabiities or manpower.  We use
          only engineers that we know can do the job.  Individuals with these
          backgrounds are available: